my cousin always complains how unhappy she is. After receiving advice, she claims her family hates her. She moved out of state, still same complaint. Very sad

my ex is like this. He contently complained about his job for 7 years!!! Couldn't do it anymore so I ended it.

my multimillionaire dad complaining about the cost of renovations on his 3rd house. After daycare and rent I can barely afford food.

Friend is always complaining she can't find a job & has no money. She refuses to get a part time job for now while looking. Always have to lend her $

my bestie always complain about money and lack of. Lady doesn't work and buys things she don't need OF COURSE she ain't gonna have money.

my wife's best friend only ever talks about this guy she has loved for almost 20 years. They have never even been on a date.

BFF always complains about not becoming a millionaire & is obsessed. I'm like bruh, you smoke weed everyday & play video games. Good luck.

my mom is this way. Worked at a call center. Complained 100% of the time. Now works AP and STILL complains. Result- woman likes to complain

It's my mom. Whenever I talk to her she complains about the weather. It's too hot. Or it's too cold. Woman it's Utah. The weather changes every 15 minutes

my hubby was laid off from a job made $35/hr but no insurance. So our insurance was $1200/ month out of pocket. Now he''s working for $23/hr with full benefits and retirement. He can’t see we’re better off because he’s focused on the hr wage... over it

My youngest sister complains about her in-laws. I dont like these people...She lives in Oregon and as much as I love her its tough going into hour 3 of a phone conversation.

my parents got divorced 5 years ago. To this day, my dad talks about how he's the victim and his family isn't a family now

My friend lives with her boyfriend in the boyfriends parents home (with the parents). Along with the other siblings and their kids until they are able to get a place of their own. Always talking crap about the same people in the home and how much they hate it..

my sister!! It's her back, her horrible tooth ache, her kids, no money. Everything that happens to her is always worse than anyone's ever seen

So embarrassing, but it's me! I always talk about my problems because they're all I think about, and people are sick of it..I clearly need therapy

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