a guy "friend" was meddling w/my dating life, scared away a guy I was seeing. Luckily I was able to salvage things

I wrecked a marriage, this guy was emotionally cheating on his wife. I didn’t think much of it cause we were all 18-19. She messaged me and said to go kill myself. I said it’s your husband, talk to him he is cheating on you They are divorced. I feel so guilty still

this girl that wanted to be with me, sent Flowers to her self with my name saying I want to be with you. Posted on social media and my fiancé believed it.

my husbands ex went as far as booking the same flight and hotel that we were staying at for our wedding and tried to come with her friend wearing all white.

i have a another story with that one girl that sent flowers. She went to my fianc house and dropped a pregnancy test and a letter that said it's mine.

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