I would change two things. One, my wife's sex drive. Secondly that she would initiate. As simple as that is it would make me feel sexy to her.

wish my wife wasn't a square, she just wants to put it in and get it over with

would want more frequent "Road Love" (oral) =

don't ask me if I wanna have sex you know I do just jump my bones asking is a turn off

I want spontaneous sex and I want him to do some type of foreplay. We went 4 months w/no sex because it's so boring.

my spouse and I have a good relationship in the bedroom but I wish he would role play. Wear costumes, like a delivery man or pizza guy. I want naughty

wish there was a LOT more 4-play and less just getting to business. We've only been married for 4 years, I feel like the excitement has already died

Just more often. We''re pretty active now, but the first five months we were intimate several times a week. Now job schedule changes and ''life'' have messed things up.

experiment in more places, out on the lake on our boat!

foreplay. Foreplay for him consists of laying on his back and nothing more while I try to get things heated before we start. Never reciprocates and I''m starting to get really bored

more spontaneous and naughtier

Hubby says he'd just like it more often. I would love more foreplay & passion

i would change my wife's exploration side she thinks whenever i want to try something new i don't like what were currently doing! I just need change

wish my wife would instigate more, be sluttier but only in the bedroom

wish he would allow more toys n play things in the bedroom. He''s not into it at all. =

I'd wish my wife was open to using toys. Big fantasy of mine but she's a prude. (I love that prude)

I would have my husband actually work out so that his body was more in shape like mine, and he could last longer and in more adventurous positions

more vocal. Nasty talk etc

He's all about the 50 shades and cameras, I'm not uncomfortable but it's a bit out of control. Working on it but it's nerve wracking.

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