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TEXT TOPIC: What's your vice?

My Vice is Swig with their Texas Tab and their sugar cookies!!! Aghhhh

My vice: Diet Coke, baby! With a side of chocolate. #yum #dietfail

my vice is that when I go grocery shopping I *have* to have a donut on the ride home. I will go back in if I forget my donut.

GUM. I eat a pack to 2 packs of gum a day. It has to be ORBIT. PEPERMINT! 

my vice is target. Lol I HAVE TO GO AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK

have to have Hagaan Das chocolate and peanut butter ice cream....... all the time. Literally all the time.

My vice is diet dr. Pepper fountain during from Maverick with the pebble ice. I can't go a day without at least one

My vice is diet coke and carmex. Have to have both

mine is coffee and hectors spicy carrots. My husbands is tobacco or Video games

Chocolate. I get irritated if I go more than 6 hours without it.

have a coworker who was spending $50+ per week on Diet Coke -- just for work.

my vice is lipstick. It's gotten to where I don't like how I look with out it.

I have to have my coffee and diet coke daily.. that's my vice!

HAVE to have a double gulp slurpee every day. 

coffee, Cheerios and Lenny&Larry's Snickerdoodle protein cookie.

44oz raspberry dream (Dr Pepper) soda everyday

I'm a sneaker head I buy sneakers each month. I've spent roughly $65k yr on sneakers. I also resell some sneakers. I have a foot locker at home

HAVE To have Starbucks cake pops. For a while I was having one, sometimes two A DAY

Used to have Mountain Dew every day

Pepsi! I need at least a liter everyday

my vice- pens. prob have 5K Pens at home. Every store I walk into I look or buy at pens. Best pen ever made? The pilot P-500. Marbleized version

DR PEPPER and CHOCOLATE several times at day. Eat a bunch of chocolate and hit the Dr Pepper and burp like crazy.

Doughnuts I crave them daily! I'm texting from the Donut boy parking lot as we speak.

must wear at least one brand new pair of socks each week. #happyfeet

spend so much money on makeup a month. Such an addiction.

have to exercise each day or else I'm stressed, depressed 

used to drink four 12 packs of Mountain Dew per day

fast food is my vice. I know it's bad for me but I love a good burger and fries!

Reese's peanut butter cups! I love them so much. I eat the chocolate off first and devour the golden center

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