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TEXT TOPIC: What heavy guilt do you carry with you each day?

major guilt from my fiance's death. He accidentally overdosed, and I didn't realize because I've never been around that stuff before. I miss him

told my husband i had a miscarriage when I really had an abortion because I wasn't ready for kids

my brother died almost 2 years ago from an OD. I wish I'd have forced him to rehab instead of limiting contact.

my dad gave me a $20k for a optional surgery and my siblings don't know and would be pissed. The guilt is killing me

i continued to use opiates after i found out i was pregnant. I got into treatment asap but i still feel guilty.

my dad and I were on bad terms. He committed suicide. I wonder everyday if we weren't he might still be here. I could have saved him.

My mom and I got into a big fight because she was struggling with addiction. I was very angry and wouldn't talk to her. She died just a few months later.

when I was 11ish I used to steal candy from a gas station with a friend. She got caught & did a summer juvi program, I've still never came clean

post surgery my mom was given a medication she was allergic to and died. I'd already left, and still feel like I could have saved her, if I stayed

my 17 year old is not my ex husbands my ex husband knows but my son doesn't. I dread the day he finds out and I feel guilty about everyday

1 night i heard my grandpa coughing, didn't think anything of it, didn't ck on him. Next morning he died from choking n his sleep

Cuzn was paralyzed in a drive-by. I tried to push him out of the way but too late.

my aunt passed away due to a drug overdose. I feel guilty for not seeing the signs and getting her help. She'd still be here if I got her help.

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