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TEXT TOPIC: The one in the family who texts/calls when they are drunk.

I'm the drunk texter. The last time I did this I chewed out my date for being a liar.

it's me. I get emotional and start calling everyone and telling them how thankful I am for them. It's ridiculous.

my husbands aunt likes to drink and call my father in law and tell him he's a POS and turns into a screaming match EVERY TIME

my brother in law would call his dad everytime he drank. Telling him he hated him and mean things. Since the dad passed he no longer drinks

My fiance calls me when he drinks and we always get in an argument. And he does not remember the next morning

my sister never apologizes for the crappy things she does to us, until she's drunk. She'll call saying "I'm sorry for everything!"

my father in law will call all the time when he is drunk. We have learned not to answer. So we get voicemails of him sing his msgs and songs to us

my fianc gets drunk and constantly reminds me why he loves me and how much he loves me and tells me he can't wait to marry me. So lovable.

my uncle in Canada used to call when drunk and expose stories and secrets like how my mom was adopted and my grandfather wasn't my real grandfather

My gma goes to wendover and gets wasted. Calls me at 3am

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