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TEXT TOPIC: Horrible roommate stories

Had a roommate that would have sex in the living room, stole thousands worth in my things, him and his friends would walk around naked in my apt

Had a roommate wouldn't go anywhere without her build a bear.

Had a bipolar roommate off her meds... enough said. Haha she was CRAZY

My ex roommate stole my stuff, pushed me and didn't pay rent for 6+ months. Got protective order and found out he was on meth the whole time he didn't pay rent

Had some roommates that liked to drink. Alcohol wasn't permitted in the apartment and they brought it in.

Had a roommate that would take my button fly levis, she was shorter and wider, ripped the button holes and walked the bottoms off, ruined my pants.

College roommate got a dog while I was gone for Christmas break without telling me. So many horrible stories I could tell about her

My 2roommates would fight 1 was way sheltered the other would scream sex while the other would cover her ears screaming and I would laugh

Shared a room with a girl my freshman year who brought guys home almost every night.

My first roommate ever ate, slept, and did homework ass naked. Never washed her hair or did laundry, our whole room STANK

My roommate killed my cat because her cat was scared to come out of her room and would potty in her clothes.

Had a college roommate invite a homeless man up to our apartment. I was trying to get the smell out of our couch for a week

He would make HUGE messes and not clean them. moldy old food all over kind of bad. He also had a pet snake

Five girls in a house and they won't clean anything. They're up till 1-2 am everyday blasting the walking dead. And they hit on my boyfriend

Had a roommate. His girlfriend waited till nobody was home, used his key to get in the house. She stole all my jewelry, my kids' state quarters and more.

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