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TEXT TOPIC: Is someone at work stealing your food?

Caught the newly hired employee taking one bite of everyone's sandwich (about 25) in the break room. Let's just say he never made it to day two.

My coworker had his lunch box stolen and we still haven't found it.

Doc at work would always get into fridge and steal food. People called him out when they saw him eating food, he'd play dumb.

Noticed my food disappearing so I stuck some toothpaste and colonoscopy juice in my next day lunch, looked for the one running for life later.

Used to keep drawer of snacks @ work. co-worker would waltz in and just rumage and take EVEN when I was sitting inside the office. #douche #nomoresnacks

This lady ate my mango that I brought from home. She comes out and says does anybody want some? I almost punched her!!!

Teacher here. When I was pregnant I had a lot of food in my classroom for me. Turns out the cleaner was eating my food! Got caught by his boss.

I was an extra on Everwood with Chris Pratt. Coolest. Guy. Ever. He told me to go steal all the clif bars from craft service cause they, "da BOMB."

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