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TEXT TOPIC: Group Therapy-What would you do?

Group Therapy: A husband and wife decided not to have kids. The wife decided to stop taking her birth control and she got pregnant. The husband is not happy and might leave her. What would you do?

Same situation for my friend. He stuck around. She booted him out for her new lesbian girlfriend 6 years later

I think he needs to leave her! That's totally dishonest and manipulative.

I would require us to go to couples counseling so we could be good parents for the child and then make it known I wouldn't be in the relationship

RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can!! Cuz this B is crazy!!

If he really didn't want kids then he should have been in charge of his own birth control.

She obviously loves him a lot if she wants a kid with him. Take solace in that and get through it.

Shame on him for not being responsible also why do they put it all on her he could have verified double-check and done something himself.

I would stay. Mr X has responsibility too, he could have gotten a vasectomy. But she needs to take responsibility for her wrong.

Go for a long long walk, figure out what makes the most sense for you. If you stay, stay all the way.

I would be there for the kid, but otherwise, I'm out. Have fun explaining why Daddy is not around more.

A kid doesn't need to see all that fighting. Get out now so the kid isnt around all that mess.

Counseling. I believe in higher powers & the blessing of kids, however she sounds like she was trapping him due to laziness & problems.

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