Why Buy Local?

Everyday we’re faced with choices. Some are giant like, choosing a home or a school for our children. Some are smaller, like picking where we want to eat dinner, or where we want to buy a new pair of shoes.

Usually, our big decisions don’t come around all that often. But, as for those small decisions, we make dozens of those a day. As those small decisions add up, their impact grows.

One of our most important choices is how and where we spend our money. As individuals, we can choose to find the cheapest deals, or let convenience beat quality. Or, we can choose to spend our money in ways that improve our quality of life, strengthen our economy, and contribute to a stable future for the next generation of Utahns.

The best way to make our small choices count, is to choose to buy from locally owned, independent businesses.

That’s what the Shop Utah, Grow Utah Campaign, in partnership with America First Credit Union and Local First Utah is all about.We’re working together to encourage you to shift your spending towards locally owned businesses.

Did you know that if every household in Utah shifted just 10% of their annually spending towards locally owned, independent businesses, more than $1.3 billion would stay in our states economy?

On top of that, check out Local First Utah’s Ten Reasons to Buy Locally to learn more about your impact. If that’s not enough, check out the great deals and discounts that businesses are providing to America First Credit Union debit cardholders.

Keep money in Utah’s economy AND keep money in your pocket? Deal.

Ten Reasons to Buy Locally


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