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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the cheapskate in your life?

when I met up w/ my soon to be ex boyfriend for ice cream, I legit forgot my wallet. He was upset he "had" to spend $3 for my ice cream cone. Yeah- bye!

My ex who made 150 grand a year was too cheap to buy me a Christmas present and pay for a date night hence the reason he's my ex

My mom bought a box of Q-tips at the drugstore. She later found out they went on sale. She then proceeded to drive back to the store---returned the Q-tips and bought them again for the sale price. She saved $0.50.

have a friend who takes his girlfriend to the mall and to Costco to get full on the free samples. He makes $98k a year.

couple days ago I bought XXL underwear instead of M, the XXL were in the $1 bin.

I am the cheap one. I make $300k+ per year, but I will debate for 10 minutes between $3 bread and $4 bread.

my sister is cheap about everything. She most recently charged me on Venmo for my $3 fiiz drink.

have a good friend who makes seven figures and still wants to share a hotel room when we travel

my (very wealthy) step-grandma is CHEAP! This year for Christmas my dad was gifted a free U of U shirt my dad gave my grandpa a few years ago.

My MIL saves bar hand soap after it's used from hotels

at Costco lady returned 1300$ worth of half eaten food. She said she hasn't paid for groceries for 3 years. She is ruining the system for all of us. Ugh

a couple of families met at RCWilley for lunch when they were doing free hotdogs and drinks. They pulled out their own bag of chips

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