GOOD VIBES: 6-Year-Old says no to bullying using t-shirt

6-Year-Old says no to bullying using t-shirt

Blake, who is 6-years-old, is starting Kindergarden. His mom owns a t-shirt company. She told him that she would make any first day of school t-shirt for him. Check out what she posted to find out what he wanted for his t-shirt!

"I have to brag on my son. I told him that as a back to school gift, I will make him any shirt he would like. It could have anything- a basketball theme, football, etc. which are all his favorites. He thought a while and said, "will you please make me a shirt that says 'I will be your friend" for all the kids who need a friend to know that I am here for them?" Never underestimate your kid's heart for others! I love my sweet Blake!"

Following the her son’s viral moment, Rajahn decided to create a website to sell more “I will be your friend” shirts, with a portion of each sale going to theReal Life Center, a local nonprofit that aims to help families and individuals cope with hardship.

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