GOOD VIBES: Teacher Shares Salary which sparks a movement

What started as a kind deed from a stranger who wanted to help an educator buy school supplies has turned into full-blown movement. In case you missed it,Elisabeth Milich in Phoenix went viral after she revealed her salary on Facebook last year. While some people were shocked to learn the second grade teacher only made $35,000 a year, others were angered by her post and accused of lying or complaining. Elisabeth wanted people to realize how little teachers make while paying out of pocket for school supplies to maintain their classrooms. Five days later, the Whispering Wind Academy teacher deleted the post and forgot it. 

A few months later, a stranger reached out with an offer Milich thought was too good to be true. Apparently the man sent her a Facebook messageoffering to buy supplies for her class. “I'm thinking, This is crazy. This is a total stranger from New York,” she said. “Then school started [and] I started getting Amazon packages. I thought it was a one-time thing.” But it wasn’t a one time thing.Ben Adam, a New York businessman continued to send packages and recently launched a “Classroom Giving” program. Now anyone can directly purchase items listed on a teacher's wish list and have it shipped to their classrooms via Amazon. 

“We call him our New York friend. [My students] are so excited when a package arrives to the classroom and they can’t wait to see what it is,” Elisabeth says. “It’s changed the whole culture of our classroom and is so impactful. It’s been an amazing partnership.”



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