GOOD VIBES: Salt Lake Home Builder's Association-April Project

Putting in a hand rail would mean the world to my 21 year old daughter Kendra. She has Cerebral Palsy. She is amazing! She helps so many people around her everyday with her joy, and kindness, that I would like to have help to give her this gift of safety and security. Winter is always a difficult time of year for her because of her balance issues and the ice. She struggles to get up and down our front stairs because there is no hand rail. She fell this winter and cracked her head open, and now she is really afraid to go down them without me. It's fine when I am available, but when I am not there to help she is really scared. If you guys could assist in any way, it would mean the world to both of us. Thanks! Disa Estes (AKA mom)

HUGE THANK YOU to Wacey Holt from Iron and Alloy for welding this railing overnight and Kevin Langford with Powder Extreme for powder coating the railing for us. Both of these guys did this for us at no cost and jumped immediately at the chance to help out the community!

May Project:

My big brother Mano deserves a wheelchair ramp at his home, as well as my elderly parents who have cared for him since age 12. He lives with a brain tumor that has slowly and progressively taken over most of his motor skills. He is limp on his left, and is not able to walk on his own anymore, relying heavily on his wheelchair. I love his determination and drive to keep pushing his health and limitations. However, this puts him in a lot of harm. He loves being outside rain or shine. He is consistently moving in and out of the house. It is absolutely dangerous for him without a ramp, each entry has steps. This was the recent cause of his latest injury where he shattered his left leg in 3 places. Understandably, he wants to be independent. And we want to accommodate his safety and happiness. Godbless.

We just want to thank everyone for the submissions. We know there are many people in need and were doing our best to help as many as possible. 



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