GOOD VIBES WITH KYLIE: Whipped Cream Challenge

The Fresh Living squad accepted Collin Kartchner's challenge to complete the Hope Squad Whipped Cream Challenge. Similar to the ice bucket challenge that was viral years ago, the Hope Squad Whipped Cream Challenge raises awareness and money for the Hope Squad, "a school-based peer support program that empowers selected students to take action to improve the school environment.". The Hope Squad's ultimate goal is to prevent teen suicides and help students struggling.

Everyone who accepts the Hope Squad Whipped Cream Challenge also donates $5 to The Hope Squad and challenges others to do so. To do the challenge, you place a dollop of whipped cream on the inside of your wrist, launch the whipped cream in the air, and try to catch it in your mouth.

To learn more about the Hope Squad Whipped Cream Challenge, or to donate, go to

Below are some videos showing many getting involved with this awesome and life changing challenge!

And to check out the hopesquad instagram, follow the link below:



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