I was absolutely SHOCKED when my test was positive. -Jess

We were excited to have some family time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week. I went there last year and loved it. My boys had never been and they were SO excited. I thought I had a sinus infection but I kept getting worse. Like, way worse. There was no way I had rona. I’m the queen of hand sanitizer. I don’t even touch light switches or door handles. I’m so ocd. But, the WY doc wanted me to get a covid test so, I did. I was absolutely SHOCKED when it came back positive I’ve been trying to out run this rona bitch for months but she got me My boys seem fine. Please pray they do not get it. I’m just asking for healing prayers and love my way please. I have notified everyone I’ve been around. Thank you for the prayers and love

Rona update on 7/25/2020

I feel good I haven’t had a fever in 3 days. Yay! I still have a cough and congestion but that sticks around for a little longer. I’ve been drinking lots of fluids, eating clean, pumping myself with Vitamins and Sleeping a lot too. My boys seem fine. Thank you for the love and prayers.

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