(FOUND) Utah Family Looking for Their Missing Companion Animal

UPDATE: Indi has been returned home, and Hestevan and his family are happy to have her back.

The family of a man with cerebral palsy in Cache County is pleading for the safe return of their son’s companion animal, after it went missing from their driveway last Thursday.

The family was outside of their Avon, Utah home playing with their dog Indi when they decided to go in.

“We were all just sitting outside,” Desiree Hennessy said. “We made a comment about how there was more traffic because of the salmon spawning at Porcupine Dam. We were like, 'Let's run in the house,' and we called for Indi and she was just gone.”

Indi is a Mini Schnauzer is also their son Hestevan’s companion animal.

“She had a pink harness on and on it had a big tag that said her name, Indi, and our phone number and address, and then on the flip side it said, ‘Companion dog: I am not lost, I visit neighbors,'” Desiree said.

The Hennessy’s have filed a report with the sheriff’s office through animal control. They ask anyone with information contact 'Desiree Hennessy' on Facebook, call them at 801-791-3434 or contact the Cache Humane Society online, or at 435-792-3920.

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