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TEXT TOPIC: How many times a week do you go solo?

I am a guy. My wife has an extremely low sex drive and has been that way for 13 years. I have an extremely high sex drive I am at least once a day

it depends on day and depends on my wife if it happens or not but it she wasn't feeling it I would do it at least 3 to 5 times and I'm 28 years old

I'm a 47 year woman and I go solo at least 4 times a week it helps after a stressful day lol

I'm a female, my solo time is 4-5 times a week. Occasionally it will be twice a day.

Now that the kids are back to in person and I work from home, maybe 2 times a day solo!! ????

multiple times a day. Women 32. Married and I still put out on top of that.

female my fianc and I have been six months apart so at least 5 times a week for

Female, 43, 2 times a day now that kids are back to in person and I work from home!!

24 guy 1-3 times depending how bored I am. Sometimes a few day gap here and there but definitely more than pre-pandemic

female 40, married. Sex maybe once every two weeks. Alone time maybe once a month. We both work 60 hours a week. I know I'm just to exhausted.

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