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Poor Tori! Police were called to her house. I guess she had a break down :( Sad. She has 5 kids, a husband that cheated on her and money issues. I would say, that is A LOT! God bless her. Dang.

New Year. New Week. New Look. . This year I want to follow thru on my resolutions. My husband reminded me this past weekend as we arrived 30 minutes late to an event that one of my resolutions was to be on time. Then yesterday I looked around our living room at our Christmas tree that’s still up, and clothes piled high on our club chair and I reminded myself that another one of my resolutions was to get organized. Change doesn’t happen because we want it. Change doesn’t even happen because we say it. Change happens when we actually start doing it. To remind myself that stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy but opens up a world of possibilities personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally I opted for a new “Do”. . This realization came to me at 11pm last night. Whether it came from watching the empowering speech that @oprah gave at the #goldenglobes or simply that my extensions were hanging on by a thread doesn’t matter... I took charge and took action. I gave myself a chop. . Woke up this rainy Monday morning with energy and confidence. Is it the haircut? No, that’s just a reminder that change comes from within. Be the change you want. This is 2018. This is a new week. Start doing what you’ve only till now been saying you’ll do ... #no makeup #2018 #WeCantExpectToSeeAChangeIfWeDontMakeOne

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