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TEXT TOPIC: Irrational Fears

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I'm afraid of slipping on ice at night and hitting my head and being knocked out. Then freezing to death thru the night.

Irrational fear: ELEVATORS. I know that it’s ridiculous but Its that fight it flight feeling. I am terrified to get trapped inside. I have two kids and it makes traveling a nightmare. I once climbed 16 flights of stairs to stay at a hotel with my in laws.

I'm a 33 year old dude, absolutely horrified of spiders and moths. I get some of that creepy moth fuzz on me it's game over... but I swear there's some testosterone left in me somewhere haha

My Rational Fear is Earthquakes ever since the big one in Magna lol, thanks for the reminder of the Anniversary lol

My irrational fear is that I'm not living my life to my potential. I'm 35 and I'm doing pretty good. But I fear I've missed out on every good opportunity already and that my life is already over and this is it. Guess it could be extreme anxiety too

Irrational fear. Driving in the car. With anyone. I have a fear that I'm gonna die or my kids are gonna die in an awful accident. I'm a TERRIBLE passenger!

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