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TEXT TOPIC: Have You Had to Cancel a Friendship?

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Broke off a friendship of 20+ yrs recently. And honestly it's been hard but great! Can't have someone around always tearing you down when you're succeeding!

I have cancelled some friendships because I was doing all the work and it took me years to realize they did not care

I broke off a friendship of 5 years with my maid of honor on my wedding day. She had many opportunities to be a good friend and i cut it off when she got toxic. And my wedding day was epic!!!

I've separated from a friend as she has decided to be the other women in a relationship after she left her husband for the same thing and I've had a husband who cheated.

Had to cancel a whole group of friends! My friends bf's and husbands would ask me inappropriate questions. I could see infertility start to happen between two of the moms. It was not a health place for me, I had to bolt!

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