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TEXT TOPIC: Am I the A-hole for Bringing my Dog Into the Store

Pet store owner greeting dog and owner at counter in pet store

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Was at the Dollar Store in Murray on Saturday and a guy came in with two little chihuahuas one in his coat and one on a retractable leash. One of the dogs pooped on the floor. 😳 At least he asked for a bag and took care of it...but seriously?!?!?

I'll be the jerk! I am not a pet person of any sort! I am so annoyed when you see people with their pets in public places!! I'll snare and say things under my breath when I see it!! It inconsiderate! And I shouldn't have to bow down to people and their pets in public!

Some animal people are the most self centered entitled people. Taking your animal in restraunts, stores, churches or other indoor social places ( with the exception of service animals or businesses that cater to animals) shows a lack of respect for others who are not animal people. I don't want your pet licking, shedding or jumping on me. And I don't want to see them scoot their ass on the floor cleaning their buttons.

I bring my 6lb morkie in stores in a carrying bag. So it's not running around and having the chance to potty on anything. I love my dog!

Yes, you are the a-hole. I use to work at a grocery store and I believe that unless it's a service animal, pets are not supposed to be in stores with food. The amount of people that would have their dog in the cart or tied up outside. One lady put her dog on the checkstand! Leave your damn dog at home! And I'm a dog trainer, I love dogs!

People would say shes a-hole if dog were left in car. Dogs in walmart everyday. They all behave good

Hi, the question becomes is it a fight worth having? Take Walmart for instance dogs are technically not allowed, but everyone seems to be bringing their dogs in. So maybe their management has just said F it.

People would say shes a-hole if dog were left in car. Dogs in walmart everyday. They all behave well.

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