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Let's Help Luna!

Good morning, world! Meet Luna. Luna is an 11 month old Great Dane who has seen far too much trauma in her short life. Being bounced from home to home, as just a (BIG) puppy, she has seen 9 homes. Sweet girl has been through it

Over the last 12 days, Luna has been on the run of her life as she's escaped human after human who tried to bring her home. Including living through one of the biggest snow storms Utah has seen in a decade. She's a fighter.

The wonderful community rallied around her to bring her home, and after facing the elements for almost 2 weeks, Luna is finally in a place where she can rest and recover and get the love she deserves. Obviously, this comes at a cost as vet visits are not cheap. She is 30-40 lbs underweight, has destroyed paw pads, and severe cherry eye.

We're working to raise funds to give her 1) the proper care she needs, and 2) to get her into a family who will love her for the rest of her life.

If you are in a place to donate, you can donate directly to the wonderful family who has taken her in as a foster (QR code in pics) OR you can donate directly to the Cottonwood Animal Hospital ((801) 278-0505). Just mention Luna. She's become a local celebrity.

Please feel free to tag your animal lover friends/share this post. Thank you, and bless you! <3

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