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RECALL: 2 Million Cosori Air Fryers Recalled

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The U.S. Consumer of Product Safety Commission is urging the public to stop using the Cosori Air Fryer as they have been deemed a fire risk. The faulty fryers were sold between June 2018-December 2022.

Model numbers can be found on the bottom of the fryer and will have the Cosori logo on the front.

Models: CP158-AF, CP158-AF-R19, CP158-AF-RXW, CP158-AF-RXR, CAF-P581-BUSR, CAF-P581-AUSR, CAF-P581-RUSR, CP137-AF, CP137-AF-RXB, CP137-AF-RXR, CP137-AF-RXW, CS158-AF, CS158-AF-RXB, CS158-AF-R19, CAF-P581S-BUSR, CAF-P581S-RUSR, CAF-P581S-AUSR, CO137-AF, CO158-AF, CO158-AF-RXB, CP258-AF.

For more info check out this article.

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