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TEXT TOPIC: What are you teaching your kid right now?

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We are trying to teach our 7 year old autistic son how to talk, communicate needs, and use the toilet.

I'm struggling to teach my 2.5 year old to share with his little brother.

Teach my kid: positive/successful mindset. I live by Don Miguel Ruiz and teach my daughter those life changing principals. She's 11-- Don Miguel this 4 agreements: Be impeccable with your word Never assume Don't take anything personally Do your best

Teaching 4 year old how to ski! He's crushing it! He's got 30 days this year , the amazing part is , he actually listens to me! Berry proud—

I'm so glad you mentioned Axels room Frankie! Trying to get my 13 yr old boy to do the same, it's like pulling teeth. So stressful. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS

Trying to teach my 25 year-old about investing money. He has mastered the saving part.

I'm currently teaching my daughter that she is the one responsible for her education. I am here to support and answer questions but ultimately it's her that has to do it and graduate. And teaching her how to drive. Heaven help us.

Son is almost 18. Good grades, driven. But want him to be prepared for curve balls. He thinks his life plan will work perfectly.

To pick up his toy. And putting in back.

Trying to teach my 11 year old how to tie his shoes. His older and younger siblings know how, he just hasn't wanted to learn.

Hardest lesson was heartbreak will get better and happens for a reason. Thankful he made it through it

Trying to teach our kids (11, 8 and 4) about random acts of kindness! Looking for opportunities to make someone's day everyday! And hopefully that we'll just continue to snowball throughout their lives!

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