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TEXT TOPIC: Weird food combos you swear by!

Tuna Pasta Bake

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You all had some pretty interesting combos!

KitKat dipped in nacho cheese sauce

Grapes dipped in ranch

Grapes and feta cheese

Spring rolls with honey mustard and ranch

Butter on crackers, but then sometimes peanut butter on crackers with a pickle on top. Soooo good!

Cottage cheese and thousand island dressing

Regular potato chips and ketchup

Salsa and Mac and cheese

Chocolate sheet cake with a slice of American cheese on top. My family puts the cheese slices next to the cake. Yum

Weird food combo is spaghetti with ranch

My best friend LOVES salmon cream cheese on a chocolate chip bagel

My cousins from Texas eat pickles, tomatoes and ice with koolaid powder! I'm not a fan, but they love it!

Oreos and Sour cream! Tastes just like chocolate cheesecake

Oreo and put peanut butter in the middle. Delish

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