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People Are Obsessed with These Celebs, What Do You Think?

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Buzzfeed poses an interesting question to the general public. People are obsessed with these celebrities, what do we really think of them though.

Olivia Rodrigo: 23% are over her, 25% love her, and 52% think she's alright.

Taylor Swift: 27% are over her, 46% love her, and 27% said she's alright.

Pete Davidson: 38% are over him, 32% love him, and 30% think he's alright.

Doja Cat: 28% are over her 33% love her, and 39% think she's alright.

Machine Gun Kelly: 69% are over him, 10% love him, and 21% think he's alright.

Megan Fox: 52% are over her, 16% love her, and 32% think she's alright.

Zendaya: 6% are over her, 81% love her, and 13% think she's alright.

Tom Holland: 4% are over him, 80% love him, and 16% think he's alright.

Megan Thee Stallion: 31% are over her, 29% love her, and 40% think she's alright.

Lil Nas X: 32% are over him, 36% love him, and 32% think he's alright.

Anya Taylor-Joy: 21% are over her, 37% love her, and 42% think she's alright.

Billie Eillish: 23% are over her, 40% love her, and 37% think she's alright.

Jojo Siwa: 40% are over her, 27% love her, and 33% think she's alright.

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