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TEXT TOPIC: What was your first car and did it have a name?

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1st car was a yellow Chevy Aveo. Named Daffy. Current car is princess Fiona charming.

First car was Buick like boat car. I called it ducky. I found a rubber duck the day I got it. I was 16. It was a lemon so then got a bronco 2 stick shift and called it revy as when I would press the gas no matter how soft, it would sound like i was revving and scare everyone

My first car in 1992 was a 1990 Nissan Sentra. Her name was Putt Putt

My first car was the Chev z-24 like Jess. It was white and grey. With an antenna shaped with the hand gesture of the bird Haha not kidding!I loved that car

First car was technically my dad's, but I named that 30 yr old truck Frank. Then I had a stick shift Cavalier that my friend named Prentiss (from criminal minds) because it was so finicky.

My daughter's car is Chuck Morris. Because while he is a baddie he's not quite chuck Norris level. Can't shame the Norris name

First car was my dads first car he had ever bought off the lot, it was a 1979 Nissan Datsun in a booger green color. It didn't have a radio so we would use a Walkman to listen to or other cars at stop lights. Nickname was booger. I was mortified at first to drive it but learned how to drive stick and ended up loving that car!

I have only ever named two cars. My 96 camera that was named the Wiley mobile and my 87 Chevy Truck which is named big red

My first car was an 85 Ford Escort GT. And I nicknamed it PD

Pantie Dropper! Lol

First Car was a Land Barge, I inherited the Big Old White Family Suburban for a few years till I got my own Vehicle

My first car was a Mitsubishi Mirage. It was silver so I called it The Silver Beaver because it had no balls and could barely go up a hill.

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