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Ogden Parks Initiative

Ogden Soccer Community,

THANK YOU! You all

helped start a healthy conversation about more park space in Ogden. We have all local soccer organizations working together for more park space.


need everyone to send an email to

to support purchasing Grandview and Jackson for park space.

We sent an email

in early December regarding the Ogden Parks Initiative to preserve 3 vacant Ogden school district land for more parks. There are many reasons this makes sense for our community from economic growth to community health, but for us soccer fans it means more

space to practice and play soccer games which will help keep the fees affordable for everyone. 

To help keep player

fees affordable, Ogden Soccer is 100% behind the Ogden Parks Initiative.

With many of our

Ogden Soccer families hopeful of saving the Grandview land for off site parking at Grandview Park, in addition to another full-size field, our players, parents, and coaches filled the City Council chambers, on December 13th,

2022, providing courage for council to deliberate further. We were all hopeful the outcome would include a completed plan for Grandview Park with onsite ADA parking and an additional full size multi-sport field. See City Council Video Here -

January 17, 2023: 

Ogden City Council were provided the plan on how to proceed with the properties. 

The plan stated in the 2018 Ogden

City Master Plan

requires that the city is to deliver 20 acres of additional park space, which included 9 soccer fields. It was part of Phase 1 that was to be completed by 2023. Instead, a plan to build sub-divisions at Grandview and North Jackson properties was presented

that deviates from the Ogden

City Master Plan that

calls for increased park acreage. The average cost for all 18 acres is $233,000, which is below the city's maximum $250,000 per acre allotment for new park space. We can all agree that land in Ogden is not going to get any cheaper. Please help the city council

realize that this is a missed opportunity. We can meet our 2023 goal for more green space by securing these properties





additional park space, Ogden City will increase the fees that youth sports organizations already pay to use fields. This will be a permanent fee increase for all of us. Ogden Soccer currently pays the city a per player fee for recreational players and an even

higher fee for competitive players. 

Please take individual

citizen action to keep fees low and preserve more park space by sending a single email that will reach city council and mayor at the same time to   

Sharing in our Community

Focused principle, Ogden Soccer now has support from

for the long-term planning for more public park space in our area. We are hopeful they will lend additional awareness and accountability for the Ogden Parks Initiative.  


- Currently we are asking all persons that support soccer, youth recreation, use parks, vote, pay property tax, or enjoy open space in Ogden, to please help by doing the following.

  1. Attend a city council
  2. meeting over the next couple of weeks. Date to be announced. 
  3. Send another email
  4. today about saving Grandview and Jackson
  5. Make time to call
  6. your city council member and your mayor.
  7. Visit
  9. Find your city - Rate your city parks.
  10.  Join
  11. the OPI (Ogden Parks Initiative) conversation at

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