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Let's Help Kennedy & Brady Garrett During This Difficult Time

Photo: GoFundMe- Kennedy & Brady Garrett

Donate if you're able Here.

A word from the family.

Hi, my name is Trisha. I am starting this to help cover medical and funeral expenses for my Grandson Will. Many of you know that hospital bills accumulate quickly and 3 different hospitals with two life-flight involved would break anyone financially.

the following is from Will’s dad Brady:

“As many of you know, my wife Kennedy has been pregnant with our son for the last nine months. This past Tuesday night at 9:00, after just three hours of labor, Kennedy gave birth to our handsome son William Weston Garrett.

We were elated to have Will join us, but for reasons still unclear to everyone, Will had difficulty transitioning to sustained, independent breathing immediately after his birth. Because of this, he was rushed to the NICU at Intermountain Healthcare in American Fork where he was intubated and treated for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), i.e. cerebral oxygen deprivation. After several hours, doctors determined that Will needed a higher level of care than what their facility was able to provide. Will was subsequently transferred to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo around 2:00 Wednesday morning where he received further treatment. There it was determined that Will had some kind of bodily infection as well as neonatal hypertension which precluded Will’s heart from being able to receive and deliver oxygenated blood to his body. Doctors decided that Will needed an even higher level of care, and so he was life-flighted Wednesday afternoon to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. It was there where Will was put on “ECMO,” a heart-lung bypass system that took blood from his body, oxygenated it, and then returned it to his body. While on this system, Will’s brain was monitored via EEG. Previously in American Fork, Will was put on a cooling pad in order to lower his body temperature and thereby inhibit cellular metabolism and any further inflammation in his brain. This “therapeutic hypothermia” was continued until Friday evening when doctors began to warm Will’s body overnight. After warming his body, Will’s brain activity was still drastically low and his prognosis from neurologists and neonatologists was grim.

After much deliberation and many prayers to our Heavenly Father, and after a hard-fought battle by Will on life-support for nearly five days, Kennedy and I made the heart-wrenching decision to allow Will to pass away and join our other friends and family members in the spirit world on Sunday evening. He was given a name and a blessing shortly beforehand meanwhile surrounded by many loving family members.

This is an incredibly sad time for me and Kennedy—the saddest experience of our lives! However, we are remaining hopeful and are not despairing. Prayers on our behalf, the love and support of our amazing family members, and our testimonies of Jesus Christ and His atonement and resurrection have given us much-needed comfort and strength during this trying time.

Will inspired hundreds of people in the brief time that he was with us here in mortality, especially me. The last six days have been the saddest of my life, yet they have also been the most hopeful.

Thank you everyone for your love and support, for your faith and prayers on mine and Kennedy’s behalf. I love you all!”

I know many have reached out wondering how to help, I believe having help to cover deductible, copays and out of pocket max will help the most. Thank you for your time, love and donations as they struggle with this great loss.

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