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TEXT TOPIC: Have You Ever Lied To Get Out Of A Ticket?

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Good morning about 5 years ago I was driving up the privo canyon and Im not going to lie I was speeding a lil bit. A police officer pulled me over and asked what was the big hurry. I told him I needed to use the bathroom and he followed me to Vridal Veil Falls portapotty and made sure I went in. Cool officer tho.

Actually police officer here, for me, if you take responsibility for your mistake, I'll most likely give you a warning. If they're small things. You lie to me, I'll find cite you for everything.

Use to be a cop and I know they scan the car when they come to the window, I have a security guard badge that I hide under my radio control you can tell it's a badge but not for what. Been pulled over twice and let off with a warning

I lied to get out of a ticket a couple years ago, would have been 15 over if not more. Grandpa had a heart attack 2 days later, he's fine now but that scared every single lie outta my body since then. Maybe just irony but I'm not a gambler either way! Have a test day!

Have a great story about when I got pulled over ! I didn't lie but couldn't stop laughing and I gave the officer a hi 5 and took a pic with him

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