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TEXT TOPIC: When did you feel left out?

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My sisters planned to surprise visit my parents at their new St George home for the weekend and didn't invite me or my kids. I found out from Facebook pictures

Forever the red headed stepchild over here, always finding out about plans the night before or the day of. But still in trouble for not showing up.

Well, I just don't drink anymore. I'm 51 and looking forward to just drinking with friends...IDK, I already graduated from college and my buddy just doesn't recover like it used to. Because of this, I'm left out of a lot of friends things where they'll be drinking. I'm still fun!

My two sister-in-law and I share the birthday month October together this year they decided to go to Lake Powell and not invite me. I found out on social media.

I am never invited any of my Family activities at any time of year. My Brother and a sister are tight and do stuff on occasion and never invites me. It has been like that since we were teenagers. My Dad does not even invite me to simple gatherings. He does with my Bro and sis though.

My SIL likes to take pictures at every family gathering we have but makes it a point to leave me out of them. Working to fix said relationship

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