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TEXT TOPIC: That's Not My Name!

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My name is Sophia and I usually get Sonia which happens to be my moms name.

My name is Kaylee, but my whole life I've gotten Kylee, Hayley, Bailey, Katie...basically I've learned to respond to anything that sounds like or rhymes with my name.

My name is Shane but I get called Sean all the time. My last name is also a common first name that people will call me or some similar variation of it. Once had a manager think my name was Bruce for months before someone asked who was Bruce, she's a friend now and still calls me Bruce.

My last name is Nelson but I am always called Nielson. It happened so much that I just correct them or spell it out for them and move on.

Name is Savannah, but I get called Samantha and Susanna all the time. Or I just goet asked if I'm from Georgia

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