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TEXT TOPIC: Is it Rude To Ask For The Gift Receipt?

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We threw this out this morning, is it rude to ask for the gift receipt to exchange for a gift you actually want?

No it's not rude. Buy off the registry so they don't have to return. But I have no problem returning something I don't need it's something that I don't appreciate it I rather get something I need

I think it's rude to not offer one up lol

If you don't like the gift, try using it and see if you end up liking it or regift it. Lesson to learn here include a gift receipt in gifts you give .

It's rude to not include a gift receipt when giving a gift

I as a gift giver would prefer they like and will use the gift. I would be fine being asked for a gift receipt and should be better at just including one

I personally would rather someone ask me for the gift receipt so they can still enjoy the gift, even if they exchange it, rather than have what I gave them go to waste.

I think if it's for clothing then no I don't think it's rude to ask for a gift receipt. However if it's for something like the bag I would say it is. That person picked that specific bag out for you.

Yes it's rude to ask for a gift receipt! Use the purse, you might end up liking it.

What do you think?

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