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TEXT TOPIC: Where Did You Get Busy?

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In the starboard side intake of an f-14 tomcat, in a hanger deck on an aircraft carrier at sea. Ha! Beat that! It required a month of planning and a bunch of Velcro

Wife and I got busy in the family bathroom of marvel campus and California adventures. Most magical place on earth baby.

Got busy on the back of the fun bus from Wendover

I was dating a guy who was in the navy. He was staying on the ship for a few days so I paid him a visit and we got busy in a random office on the ship. 😬 it was so fun and random

Good morning jess and frankie I sat and laughed about the commercial just played about doing the dirty in cali. My 6yr old son was conceived at Kmart when they were closing doors

My husband and I thru these 11 years have gotten busy just about anywhere... public pools, hiking trails, cars, other people's houses.

My hubs was working, running a dozer. Went and visited him for little lunch and dessert. Job inspector walked up on me sitting in his lap. Sorry not sorry lol. Love you guys!!

Got busy in a (Clean) rest stop right before St George! Also love getting busy on my husband on road trips... If you catch my drift.

We used to be a lot more adventurous before my husband became a police officer. But during the Academy they talked about not doing risqué things like that anymore because if they ever get caught they will lose their job. Hahah! DAMMIT!

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