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TEXT TOPIC: What Set You Off This Morning?

Road rage!

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Baby was up half the night with nightmares and waking up to more SNOW! I'm over it and it's only December

My husband, who normally goes into the office, decided to work from home today. Because I usually go into the office on Wednesday's. Set me off because I don't want to drive into the office today because of the snow and he's using my home office equipment

Made myself a delicious coffee and left it on the counter.... yep, set me off!

My phone didn't charge last night, ugh, set me off!

My husband was in contact with his ex behind my back. After a hard weekend of heartache and betrayal because of this... the ex messages ME to ask how I'm doing... lady you have some balls to message me right now. Leave us the F alone.

Set me off when I sat through FOUR light cycles waiting for a left green turn light and still never got one! Had a line of people behind me and it never triggered a green arrow. Had to go in the straight lane to turn just ahead of the intersection. It's a daily issue, but today was worse than ever.

What sent me off this morning? Is that none of the school districts did a late start

What set me off is my husband. No particular reason, I just woke up and he's still my husband lol

Got woke up at 5 o'clock this morning with a text message of a commercial

Family sleeping while I'm living on 2-4 hrs a night & then they have the nerve to complain how tired they are with 6-8 hrs a night.But I'm the party pooper.

The rest of these are HILARIOUS! Check them out on today's podcast episode.

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