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TEXT TOPIC: Where Did Your Kid Puke?

We were in line for the Tower of Terror @ Disney. Our daughter was acting tired and right before we got on the ride she threw up everywhere. They led us the back way to leave and she was just leaving trails. It was bad but I'm happy she didn't puke during the up and down ride!!

Burger King. Ordered, Paid. While waiting in line for food my 3 yr old daughter I was holding projectile vomits over my shoulder with such force not only could you hear it splash off the tile floor but it was spattering everyone/thing in a 6ft radius. Exit. Immediately! Later she said "I coughed the big, her first barf where she realized what was happening.

Threw up behind the concession stand at a movie theater. I was 6 or 7

Took my four-year-old two times to the bathroom because she wanted to go potty as we were walking back to the table and we sat down at Olive Garden; She said mom my belly hurts right as I put our food in front of her face. She puked all over into the napkin the floor it and it just kept coming up. They box up our food and Comped our meal

My dad took me to a Neil Diamond concert at the end we were all walking out. I couldn't stop throwing up, I was about 11 or 12.

My kid threw up on the plane ride home from Cali. He puked during the last 10 minutes of the flight and we were the very last row. The flight attendant was so disgusted ha ha

When my daughter was 2 years old, (she is 19 now), we were eating at a Wingers in Bountiful. While eating dinner, she wasn't looking so great and so I decided to take her outside. As we were leaving the restaurant, she proceeds to throw up over my shoulder onto a woman walking into the restaurant for dinner. I was absolutely mortified!

My nephew would throw up alot as a child because he would eat too much. Family dinner at Chuck a Rama and the kid went back to the buffet for like his 5th round. Threw up everywhere. I just left. Not my kind of party.

My granddaughter threw up at my boyfriends house out of instinct I put my hands out to catch it to not mess up his carpet which made him throw up.

2 kids 3 different times that I remember. La Frontera on the way out in front of others, Red Robin all over my legs in a booth, & crab shack in a bucket. They are now in their 20s

I was 8 years I threw up on the sky ride at lagoon, my poor brother was next to me and it got all over me and the seat! So embarrassing

Son under a year. In a car seat driving down the canyon from Strawberry lake to Heber. Vomits 10 min into the journey. The smell was so horrendous we drove windows down to the first gas station in Heber. I think the van was still rolling when everyone bailed. Poor barf baby alone in the back of the van. CLEAN UP! Aisle 3

I was on a flight where in the last bit of the flight a girl 2 seats up threw up in her mask and all over herself. I thought it was a little kid until she stood up to go to the bathroom and saw she was probably about 13. She was mortified and kept worrying about not having a mask on but everyone just kept telling her to throw it away it was fine. I felt terrible for her. On the flight home from that trip another kid a few rows up threw up on themselves halfway through the flight

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