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TEXT TOPIC: Local Places That Have Been Filmed

Netflix’s Falling For Christmas Celebratory Holiday Fan Screening with Cast & Crew

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The original footloose was filmed at Payson high school

Disney's Wish upon a Star was filmed at Hunter High school in 1996

In the movie dumb and dumber there's a scene where they're at a motel in the heart shaped hot tub together. The exterior of that shot is a motel in heber city and it was filmed when there was a rodeo happening- you can see a truck and horse trailer drive by as they show the motel.

A TV movie of the week Incident at dark river was filmed in and around Ogden. A few film locations were The Ogden cemetery, Weber State, and the Ogden Valley.This came out in the late 1980s starring Mike Farrell (BJ from MASH)

A Christmas Hallmark movie was filmed at a home in Ogden while the 24th of July parade was going on outside. Scenes were filmed in front of the old courthouse in Brigham too.

When I was in 7th grade they filmed a made for TV movie in my basement in Spanish fork-the main character was Richard Greco

In Lindsay Lohan movie filmed here in the beginning I built those locker huh huh

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