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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Cancel holiday plan

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Dear ex, stop acting like the victim & act more like an adult that takes accountability. Our kids will learn soon how worthless you are in their life. Don't worry ur the one who's going to lose out.

Thanks for giving your notice! You won't be missed! Bye Felicia

If you don't wanna go out just say it don't give us the reach around with all the excuses some of of just wanna have fun without waiting for you

Dear sister-in-law we didn't let you and your kids move in just so we can watch the kids while you go play with your f**k boy all night

Now that our senior season is over I truly never ever have to speak to you again. Exactly What you said to my wife when our girls were in 8th grade when your kid choked and lost the tournament for us. So there ya go. F u and have a good day with your mediocre children.

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