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Let's Rally to Help Bill and His Family During This Holiday Season!

Photo: Kaycie Fuhriman

Four weeks ago at our monthly family dinner Bill had a seizure. Three weeks ago the doctors found a mass in his brain. One week ago he had brain surgery where the mass was removed and Bill was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer.

A month ago we talked of work, Christmas plans, the news. Now our conversations look very different. Whether in prayer or with one another we are talking about sweet memories. Feeling that urge to say as many 'I love you's' and thank you's' as possible.

Honey. Daddy. Billiam. Bill. Papa.

These are just some of the hats he wears in our family. And to be honest we don't know what we are going to do without him. What his sweet wife is going to do without him.

So for now we brave each day with mom's new family motto " take it one day at a time" and we will love and celebrate every day we have with him.

This go fund me has been set up by the daughter's of Bill and Diann to help alleviate the growing burden of medical costs that have accrued from an extensive hospital stay, brain surgery, and intense physical and occupational therapy.

In the next week or so we will hopefully be able to bring him home. Preparations and additions to the home are underway to make his new normal, and his time at home with his family as comfortable as possible. As a family, we are so moved by all the love, prayers, and donations.

-Kaycie Fuhriman

Help us help Bill and his family. Donate if you can here:

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