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TEXT TOPIC: What is your pet's nickname?

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Mcfluffbutts - huskies lol

My hubby calls our pet tortoise named Shelby, TORTELLINI

My kids call our dog Molly, Drugs. Get it? Molly is a drug…

Dog is Amelia she is always: Mill, Millie, Meek, Meek Mills, Mill-lificent, The goodest girl, my bearded bitch (she's a schnauzer)

Pet nicknames- Lulu is Lucifer even though she's the sweetest dog in the world. Panda bear is - goodest little bear. I also have a horse named Willy who I call William or bill

My dogs names are Hank and Luna and I just change the first letter for both of them like "Luna Tuna Buna" or Hanky Panky Tanky" sometimes I just do the whole alphabet haha

Dog is Charlie and it's: Charles, Char Char, Char Char Binks, Binks, Charles in charge, charla-loo the wonder poo , also bearded bitch (another schnauzer)

Our dog Lola- Seniorita Lolita, Lolo, Lola Lola lay. My moms cat Cleo - Cleo patra queen of the vile &Evil one. She mean lol

My dogs name is Luke and I call him stinky McGee

We have a large mastiff great dane named Stella. We call her either Stellie bellie or flabby patty. because she's sturdy

My dog is Sky and we call her Skizzle

We've got a full sized golden doodle named Rosie and when she is sassy and giving us attitude we call her Rosita, it's her evil twin.

My cat's name is Gracie but I call her beefy and meatloaf (she looks like a meat loaf when she lays and tucks her front paws under and her colors).

My dog's name is Dallas. We call her doo-ta-doo, because she's doofy. We also call her Dally and dilly Dally, because she dilly dallys outside when she goes potty.

I have 100 pound pit named rex. I usually call him lover bug because he is a big lover. Lover bug with the cute wittle faces.

Love the pet nicknames. It made my day. My dogs are called: 1-Cop A Pop (Copper) 2- Sha Sha Shush (Precious) 3- Coca Polka (Coco) I call all of them Hoodle Bums or my Trouble Makers. My daughter's dog Harley who is a Pitbull I call her the black tornado. Love our fur babies

We have a pug mix. He is a pug Shih Tzu. He's a real cute dog much smaller than your typical pug smaller face. My husband has a weird relationship with him and likes to call him his shitty pug. A lot of the time my husband will say who is my shitty pug that's right you're my shitty pug

The rest of these are HILARIOUS!

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