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TEXT TOPIC: What crazy thing did your Ring Camera catch?

Porch Pirate Steals Packages Hides Face MS

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On our camera, we caught a car rear ending a parked car and rolling into our driveway. So crazy!

I live by the bird refuse in north salt lake and we see owls, falcons and even eagles in our neighborhood all the time, the ring cams catch TONS of them!

My ring caught me 4yo standing on the porch, putting a pair of underwear on his head, the. Running out in the yard. I had no idea till I saw the notification later that night. I have no idea what he was doing or why.

Late at night I caught a flying ghostly looking thing, it came from the top of the house next-door which is two floors flew right into my front porch looked like a plastic bag but then it disappeared. I have the video if you would like me to send it to you

You've got to hear the rest of these on the on today's podcast episode Gracie Lou Freebush

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