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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

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What do you need to get off your chest?

If you lift your truck please adjust your headlights so they don't blind everyone in front of you in traffic.

You had one job! to watch mom while I had to work both jobs and you screwed it's up by getting the cops called cause you're a drunk smh

I know it's cold outside, but people can you please scrape your windshield. You can't see and it's unsafe for so many reasons

Hey neighbor, I love that you take care of your yard, but stop blowing your leaves in my yard!

When you call into work because your child is sick; and their response is ; that kid is always sick...ugh thanks as if its not stressful enough to know your kid is sick and you are doing your best on your own.

My passasive aggressive is stop bad mouthing your ex you have kids with to everyone. Step up and be a parent child support isn't all they need and the other half can't do it all alone. Co parent like your suppose to already its only making the kids more frustrated with the whole situation

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