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TEXT TOPIC: What minor inconvenience spirals you into a blind rage?

When the road to success leads to stress

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Rage when hubby & kids drive my car & don't put my seat/stealing wheel back to my setting. I'm a big girl & almost DIE trying to get back in after them

When the wind blows and I'm getting in my car, my hair gets shut in the door, and pulls it out sometimes. I aways forget duh tuck in your hair. Make my nostrils flare!!

The cord from my blow dryer or straightener gets caught on the handles of my bathroom drawers, and so I go to pull towards my hair and it's caught!! Arggggh!! It makes me so mad!!!

The thing that bugs me is when my apartment is super quiet and then my dogs licking herself.... The sound! AHHHHHHH!!!!

My INCONVENIENCE is happening right now! At Dutch bros, I pull up and everyone is in the SAME LANE instead of zippering!!! Soooo annoying! Get with it people! #fuming

Everytime my hubby sits at the kitchen island, he NEVER pushes his stool back under. Without Fail, I ALWAYS know when he was sitting there. He is the ONLY one who will not push their stool in, I don't even think he realizes it!

When I'm doing yoga and my necklaces slide out of my shirt and slap me in the face during downward dog. I used to shout expletives when it would happen. But I recently learned to just incorporate them into my breath work. Big inhale and then a long slow Fuuuu**.

What throws me into a fit of rage is when the kids leave empty boxes in the pantry or the fridge

What drives me absolutely up the wall is when my sister does not answer her text messages or answer her phone. Even though she just got done sending me a text message she doesn't reply back to it

Pisses me right off that I am just tall enough that when I am rinsing dishes, washing my hands... my shirt ALWAYS ends up getting wet from leaning over the counter to turn off/on the water no matter where I am. I have to really watch it when out and about!

Purse strap falling off my shoulder or pulling my hair. Makes me want to bite someone haha.

Traffic cones that have been set up but they are not working and it's been that way for days.

I feel insane rage when people don’t use their blinkers. I can’t read your mind! It’s not hard! a tiny finger! It’s the easiest part of driving!!!

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