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TEXT TOPIC: What storm are you weathering in life?

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What storm am I weathering? It would be depression and self acceptance.

Raising 4 teenagers. Between their hormones, dating, friend drama and school stuff, some days I feel like I am stuck in my own personal hell by being forced to watch the people I love suffer thru my least favorite part of life.

Personal storm: complex ptsd. Every day is a storm

Weathering Dad in hospital, car broke down, and dog passed

Away suddenly when I was out of town for work.

I have NO money, my savings is almost gone, credit cards almost all maxed out and my sister is getting married this month and it's the holidays. I'm this close to selling pics haha

Family Secrets, mom died in May, dad won't talk but we're finding out everything they kept inside for YEARS!

Weathering being married to a spouse that refuses to have boundaries with his teen/adult children, their mothers & his adult siblings and family members. I'm told to stand down while they treat me and my home with disrespect

Putting our 15+ year old lab border collie down today. We love you Boots.

Weathering the after-effects of a stroke & brain surgery in Feb

Weathering my wife's menopause

I'm a nursing student, and trying to work so I can pay my bills. And my grandma also passed away Tuesday night

I'm weathering a non committal relationship. We've been dating for 2yrs and I'm ready to get married and he wants to too but he can't commit to the point where it's "what's the point in staying together when that's my goal." I'm so broken hearted that it's time to walk away and I'm finding it hard to.

I'm weathering co parenting with toxic exes. It's annoying how they are using our child as a pawn. They just think we are out to get them for everything. No matter what we do. Feel like such a failure to my child.

I'm trying to weather the storm of getting financially stable. I'm a single mom of two going to school and working two jobs to make ends meet right now. It won't be like this forever though. It will get better.

The storm I'm weathering is Ive been trying to get pregnant for many years and everyone atound me is and always talks about it. and recently found out my sister is now pregnant and I'm so thrilled for her but I'm hurting so much inside

I've msgd b4. My sister is passing from brain cancer, my dad is stage 4, I'm a kinder teacher with 4 adult kiddos myself, and my two nieces and their families losing their momma. So much. Huge storm! But some sunny days too. Looking for blessings amidst the storm.

Weathering 23 years of marriage with a super demeaning/belittling partner. Fire shot the last 15 years, "I’m not attracted to you, I don't love you, you're this and that" When I try to leave she charms me to stay. Now I only stay to protect my kids from her. I almost have all of them out of their shells where she put them by the way she treats us. It's tough, but only one more to graduate and then I'm gone. Much love to you guys

My fiancé just starting working a new job with a pay cut to be able to be home with my son and I more.. now we are struggling to pay our bills

Weathering the realization that I'm a lesbian and being married to a man

Struggling with who I can trust at work. A coworker was fired for calling me a derogatory female term. Other people think she should be able to come back.

Weathering the storm of losing weight (at least 100lbs to lose) without having ANY motivation or energy

Trying to weather the storm of my anxiety about my newer business slowing down during a time where it's usually picking up.

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