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TEXT TOPIC: What did you find in the hotel room?

Ants in the house

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Found a crack pipe, up on a ledge in the bathroom, in our hotel room.

Ants! We found ants in our hotel room in New Mexico and had to switch rooms

Airbnb in Vegas we found a pair of dirty socks in our bed so we started going through everything. Well we found a huge bag of that green stuff that's not legal here, definitely made up for the dirty sheets/socks

Last summer my family took a trip to the WA coast. Stayed in a little condo on the beach that was INFESTED with cockroaches! Every room! Maintenance brought traps with no other alternatives because there were ZERO available rooms anywhere in the surrounding cities

On a cross country road trip and crashed for a few hours at a hotel in NM. Getting my 1 year old out of bed at 4am to get on the road & saw a bed bug scurry away!! Got a free night of course!

My niece and her husband found a condom hanging from their ceiling.

We were given room keys to a room already occupied on another trip! There was luggage in there when we walked in.

We find a dead dog under our bed

Stayed at a hotel in Fillmore. I found a bible in the nightstand. I'm not religious but for some reason I decided to take a look at that It. after flipping through a couple pages I noticed the edge of what looked like a dollar bill opened it up to find 5 crisp 100$ !

My husband goes out of town a lot. He stayed in bear lake at some podunk hotel because it was off season. Said there was pubes in one of the beds and it looked like they had just pulled the covers up and didn't change them. He also had an incident at another hotel where he was sleeping and they rented his room out and a couple came in and we're freaking out. And so was he!

My now hubby was visiting and we stayed at an extended stay and he ended up with Mersa by the bed sheets :/ The next time he visited we stayed somewhere else and we walked in and nothing was cleaned like sheets thrown around, hair in sink and trash everywhere including a used condom .. we got a different room but

My husband and I stayed in a hotel for a week that had a kitchenette in it. When we were packing up to leave, my husband was packing up food that we had bought and said to me "Honey I didn't know you bought squash" He was reaching up on the top shelf and pulled down someone's vibratory that had been there the whole time!!

Always bring my own pillow or pillow cases to hotels. I've found urine stains and other questionable stains on hotel pillows and their pillow cases are so thin! Yuck!!

We got a room and as we opened the door some guy in his whiteys tighties yelled at us saying that is his room. Got a better room for the error

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