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TEXT TOPIC: What Famous Person Liked or Commented on Your Post?

2022 Toronto International Film Festival - In Conversation With... Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift liked/commented on my tweet. Said thank you and my cats thank you see you on tour! I sharted. Might have went semi unconscious. Lol!

Chris Daughtry, Justin Timberlake, Angelah Johnson, and Fitz & the Tantrums have all liked one of my posts after posting about them.

Before I was suspended from Twitter, I had posts that were liked by Antonio Sabato Jr, Scott Baio, and Kristy Swanson. Antonio and Kristy actually followed me and would tweet back to me occasionally. Yea, me and Antonio...BFFs 😂😂 ~Stu

I posted a really cool drawing of a Jawa from Star Wars and the actress that portrays a Jawa in The mandalorian and Kenobi saw it and gave a heart emoji with the comment "Love it" that was awesome! Also she is way cool in person

I shared a photo of an old BeeGees fan club certificate on a Barry Gibb fan page. Barry Gibb actually gave me a ❤️ on my post. Crazy, but made my Week. Yes, been a fan since the 70's.

I recently was asked to make cookies for Kimberly Schlapman from little big town for her birthday. When she reposted them and tag me and then I replied saying happy birthday hoped she had a great bday. And she replies back saying how beautiful and tasty my cookies were! Wow!

I joined facebook in 2013, when i was in nairobi visiting relatives. I made comment on huey lewis fb post. He responded! He was happy somebody in kenya has been to his concert. I replied sorry to disappoint u, i live in utah, where i went to your concerts

Rory Cochran liked a post I tagged him in on instagram with my son who looks like his character Slater from Dazed and Confused!!!

I tweeted a pic I took of Brett Eldredge at his concert- saying how attractive he is and he retweeted and said You're far too kind. #fangirling

Tech Nine (rapper) commented and liked my comment on his post. It was a big deal because I've been fan for 2 decades.

A few years ago my husband commented on Meatloaf's post on FB and he replied back. At first it was awesome he replied, but they started disagreeing back and forth. He ended up blocking my husband! Hubby disagreed with his views and political stuff, but still had much respect for his music.

I posted a clip of Christina Milan about singing the National Anthem before i was going to perform it. She liked it & I got over 100 requests in 10 mins

Shared a video to my Instagram stories of me quoting Cam Hanes while running 4 miles with a sore back. He liked it AND commented. It made my whole month!

Had social interaction with Theresa Caputo (Long Island medium) after I got to interview her one on one for her tour. I posted about it, she not only commented she retweeted. I am still star struck lol

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