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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

turn on the turn signal

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My passive aggressive today is more aggressive. I am so sick and tired of these political commercials. Please tell me they're stopping today

Don't refuse seeking medical treatment for a serious condition just to garner attention and sympathy. Especially on your son's birthday to keep him from plans with me (his wife.) Potentially killing yourself to force him to spend time away from me and with you is overly petty and you're only hurting him in the end. For the record, I told him to stay with you until he could get you to the hospital, but you blatantly refused making his birthday night one of sorrow and regret instead of celebrating the amazing man he is despite you.

When people talk about this snow and rain we're getting and say "We'll. We need the moisture." Duh!! WE LIVE IN A FREAKING DESERT! OF COUSE WE DO. CAPTION IDIOTS OF OBVIOUS!! Goshhh.!!!

PAT Dear drivers that are on your phone. We see you. And you aren't driving as good as you think you are. Get off your phone! Phone!

So inconsiderate to be so loud at night that you keep people awake all night AKA my two week old baby. I'll straight up fight a child HAHA jk love you little mans.

If you're not willing to come to follow up appointments for your pain medication do not call us yelling requesting a refill... you are not getting nothing

If u don’t have car insurance, a valid license or car isn’t registered STAY THE F*** OFF THE ROAD! U have no business being behind the wheel!

You dip your unprotected stick like the newest Unholy Sam Smith song...disgusting...then take your new girl out of country cause you already tagged every girl in this state already, then tell lies to convince your own daughters that I've defamed your name?..EVERYONE knows you are the toxic dirty disrespectful are just GROSS...hope wife #4 works out for you...Barf..p.s. stop showing up at my club! Punk!

I don't care if Utah does not have a helmet law. Where one Especially when you're riding down 5600w in the morning commute on a stand up scooter!! Squinting your eyes through the rain!!Going 40mph!!You shouldn't even be riding let alone no helmet. I passed you holding my breathe, is this even legal!?

Please get closer to the window when pulling thru the drive-thru, we can only go so far out, if I can't reach you, I'll make you get out !

My passive aggressive complaint is when you get text messages after 10 o'clock at night and before six in the morning. I got one last night at 10:30 and one this morning at 5:36 can't they wait

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