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TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday

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Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful for the moisture were currently recieving (Snow in the Mtns, Rain in the Valley) hopefully with a few good years of this type of Winter Weather it will build up the Great Salt Lake again

I am thankful for red River they're helping my son to get better. He's been not well for about four years or more. Thank you Jess for letting everyone know.

I'm also Thankful to have a Job, Roof over my Head, Food on my Table daily, Friends & Family to support me daily-and most importantly you guys every morning to make me laugh and giggle and stay happy lol

I'm just thankful to be alive today. Little health problems at 35, a roof over my head, food in my stomach and a job I can pay the bills. Family and friends. The simple things.

I am thankful for health and family. Nov 10 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am doing well and thankful for each day

I'm thankful for you guys and your show, helps me rid the anxiety every single morning. Been listening so long your voices are soothing at this point. Also thankful for Elon opening the AWESOME new Tesla service center in PG. I just got hired to help open that location!

I'm so beyond grateful for my almost 21 year old son Levi that I had and raised alone from 19. He's first gen collage graduate. Im extremely grateful for my boyfriend who puts up with us. My nieces my nephew, my parents. Im so blessed

I'm thankful for my uncle Daniel he has taught me a lot and is always there for me

Hey Frankie and Jess!! It's listener Mauri. I just want to echo what others have said thanking you. You both make my day and make me laugh every day. I love it when you have a laughing fits. Makes it even better. 😘 Have a great day!

Thankful Thursday My new non-lds boyfriend is simply amazing. I am very active in the LDS faith, he is definitely not. But he's the best man I've met in 13 years of being single/widowed. Everyone in my family & faith have accepted him, tattoos & all. For that I am so very thankful and happy

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