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TEXT TOPIC: What don't you wear anymore because someone said something?

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I used to wear my hair in a bloop style hairstyle and I had a kid tell me it looked like a ball sack so I try to never wear my hair like that anymore

I had a friend that would always say "what are you wearing?" In disgust. I thought I looked cute. Now I question everything I'm wearing! Thanks for the self esteem! Ha

My friend wore a Fox shirt and a guy asked "do you ride?" He didn't know what that meant. The guys said if he didn't ride a motorcycle or dirt bike he couldn't wear it. He never wore it again.

Wore a floral patterned shirt to work. Coworker said "I like your blouse" (I'm a guy). Went in the donate pile when I got home.

Remember those frilly crochet scarves everyone was making? I was so in love with them and I could make them fast so I had all kinds of colors. I had a friend tell me it looked like I was wearing a clown collar. No more...

When I was in 6th grade I was wearing all pink. Tyrone asked me if I shopped at PI (pink industries) .... I was mortified then and am self conscious of wearing pink now at 34 years old - over 20 years later...

I one time wore sweats that looked like pajamas to work so now my brother calls me banana in pajamas. 7 years strong haha! My brother is my boss

When I was in 16 yrs old, my boyfriend told me he didn't like when I wore foundation and my face looked good naturally. Now 26 yrs later, I never ever wear it.

When I was in middle school, my mom couldn't afford to buy my sister and I a lot of new clothes so I had to "re-wear" things. I had a favorite shirt that I was always excited to wear. But one day, a kid came up and said to me "you wear that shirt a lot..." and I was so embarrassed I never wore it again

In 1st grade, on my BIRTHDAY, my PE teacher told me that I was wearing the ugliest dress she had ever seen. I started crying and she told me I was a baby and I had to change out of my ugly dress

I wore a shirt I thought was cute. It had lace and hearts that you couldn't tell were hearts. I wore it after my first child and my boss said "your a mom now cause you are wearing a mom shirt". Well that SAME DAY my husband says to me "that looks like a mom shirt." I threw it that same evening.

One time in 7th grade i wore a turtle neck that was gifted to me by a neighbor and my older brother at school who was a 9th grader told me i looked like CARPET IN FRONT OF ALL HIS HOT FRIENDS

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